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College Preparatory Economics with Mr. Sweeney

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Due:  Sept. 


Essay I – Mexico


In class, you will view a documentary video entitled, Emerging Powers: Mexico, which is produced by the Wall Street Journal. You will write a one page typed double spaced essay, 12 font or larger, based on your extensive note taking during that film. (20 points) (more than 1 page = - 20 points)

You will need to write down three ideas or parts of the video that you feel reflect  

1.  A Traditional Economy - at least one example

2.  A Command Economy - at least one example

3.  A Market Economy - at least one example

   (60 points)


You will also need to identify what economic system you feel Mexico currently operates under and if you think the economy is moving forward or backward.  Explain why you feel that way.  Give examples to prove your position. (20 points)

100 points


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