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College Preparatory Economics with Mr. Sweeney

2008-2009 Academic Year

Hello and welcome - Students, Parents and Visitors. 
Be sure to read through the DVHS "Family Handbook".  FAQ's are handled including attendance policy and dress code. 
You are welcome to contact me at the e-mail address below.  I will answer your email the same day unless you contact me on a weekend or after school.

This page will direct you in a variety of searches. With the menu above, you can find out about class policies; homework, essay assignments, tests and their due dates.  i've also listed the State of California Standards for Economics. Just select and click on the area of inquiry or interest.

Important dates for 2008-2009:
Fall Semester Progress Reports -  Sept. 25th   and  Dec. 4th
Fall Semester Report Card & Quarter End Dates -  Oct. 22th and  Jan. 21nd

Spring Semester Progress Reports -  Feb. 26th   and  May 7th
Spring Semester Report Card & Quarter End Dates -  Mar. 26th   and  June 10th



Thanksgiving Week       Nov. 23 - 27.
Fall Semester Break –    Dec. 23 – Jan. 1
Spring Break -      April 2 - 9

Economics deals with making choices. Making responsible choices will benefit you in this class and in your future. 

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

Clipart of a newspaper; Actual size=234 pixels wide

Q and A........Do teens save money? or, Do they spend all they earn on consumer goods?

I'll post the answers on the "Essay Assignments" page.

Essay Assignments