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College Preparatory Economics with Mr. Sweeney

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ESSAY IV - Cell Phones

Cell Phone Essay IV



Wow, I didn't think my cell phone bill would be that much!!!


Essay IV – Cell Phones   1 Page only (more than 1 page = - 20 points)


Cell phones usage is now a major part of our culture.  This essay is designed to familiarize or re-familiarize you with the options of  ownership and the responsibilities of cell phone use.  You may use the internet or talk directly with the wireless providers and phone manufacturers when gathering your information.


(10 points, type in 12 font or larger)
1) You must get three different quotes from three different cell phone companies and explain which plan or company is giving you the best deal for your dollar. In other words, select three wireless companies that offer similarly priced plans that you could actually afford. For instance, ATT might have a monthly plan for $39.99, whilst Sprint also has one for $39.99 and Verizon might have one for $35.95.

(10 points)


Which, do you feel, is the best plan for the cost? Why?  Must you sign a contract with that provider?  What advantages and disadvantages are there in signing a contract?

(20 Points)
2)  What benefits are there in owning a cell phone? What hazards are there? BE SPECIFIC, I'M LOOKING FOR A LOT OF EXAMPLES HERE.

(45 Points)


3)  Research and list all disclaimers from the phone makers of that carrier and from the carrier themselves.   Summarize, in your own words, what those disclaimers are.  Don’t download them.  Be sure to indicate which company said what. 

(15 points)
EVALUATION: 100 Points



What disclaimers do wireless phone manufactures and wireless companies have in their literature about cell phone usage?  Don't download, put it in your own words.  15 Points