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College Preparatory Economics with Mr. Sweeney

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ESSAY II - Supply and Demand

Supply & Demand Essay II

Due:   Oct. 1-2


Take your time and see through the jungle of thoughts that make a great essay.


ESSAY II                                                Due:   


Find an article, which isn't over two weeks old, that reflects a change in demand for a product or service.

Type a ONE PAGE DOUBLE SPACED ESSAY explaining how this change affects demand of that product or service. Use a demand curve to support your position. The Wall Street Journal, the Investor's Business Daily, Business Week, Time, Newsweek, the S.F. Chronicle or the C.C. Times are some suggested sources. You MAY NOT USE THE INTERNET.  The article shouldn’t be over 2 weeks old.   (type in 12 font or larger)  More than 1 page = - 20 points

HIGHLIGHT and/or UNDERLINE the pertinent information in the article that indicates the change(s) in demand. 10 Points
 1) Summarize the article in your opening paragraph indicating what kind of change is taking place.     10 Points
 2) In the next paragraph, explain what is changing and why it is changing (refer to the 5 reasons that cause a change in demand as reflected in our text and indicate which reason(s) are at work here). You must use the correct terminology from our text to explain the change(s). Use those definitions to support your position. 40 Points
 3) In your closing paragraph, indicate what you think will happen next; forecast how this change(s) will affect future price and quantity of the good or service. 10 Points
On the front or back of your essay page, produce a graph that reflects the shift in demand described previously.
1) Title the "x" and "y" axis so that one will know which is price and which is quantity.
2) Indicate with the demand curve (D1) what existed before; and next to that curve, produce another curve that indicates what you think is going to happen; i.e. this would be your forecast based on the information in the article. Proper location of D2 curve line will indicate an increase or decrease to support your prediction. (use your text to reference how shifts in demand curves are properly represented... Chapter 4)  
20 Points

3)Neatly attach your article to your essay with no excess hanging over. 10 Points