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College Preparatory Economics with Mr. Sweeney

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Final Project Rubrics

Don't get caught flying on the wrong course. Have a flight plan that will get you to your destination.


Below you will find rubrics for all areas of team participation. Each of you may choose one or more of the following areas for your final project:
1) Visual Art and Graphics
2) Presentation of the Business Plan, Word processing summary of Business Plan, and build Economic Model via Excel and present hard copy.
3) Commercials: Video, Audio, Live Performance, Web Site, Power Point Presentation

PROJECT RUBRICS: 5 = A; 4 = B; 3 = C; 2 = D; 1 = F

Click on any of the three categories below that interest you in developing your final project:

Presenters of Business Plan and Economic Model

Commercial Advertising Rubric

Visual and Graphics Rubric


As an entrepreneur you can fly to new heights. The sky isn't the limit!