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U.S. History with Mr. Sweeney

Essay Assignments

Micheal Sweeney
HOMEWORK: Fall Chapter Assignments - and Test Due Dates -
HOMEWORK: Spring Semester Chapter and Test Due Dates
Essay Rubrics
Like or Dislike Essay
California Academic Content Standards for U.S. History
Course Outline and DVHS/Class Policies

I am looking for original thought and original work. I don't want to read what someone else wrote on the subject. I want to read what you wrote, in your own words, and how you feel about the subject. Only use quotes when they really have some supportive impact for your paper. Push your thinking and say what you think & feel .

Clipart of a pencil; Actual size=135 pixels wide

Don't blow hot air when doing your essays. They should be entirely your own well thought out work. No copying or plagiarism allowed. For more information check out some of the ideas and sites listed below.

Mandatory site: Plagiarism and the Web


Q and A answer is here:

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